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lament / оплакивать, сетовать, плакать
mourn, weep, bemoan, lament, bewail, deplore
mourn, complain, lament, bewail, plain
cry, weep, lament, blubber, pipe, greet
имя существительное
lament, lamentation, jeremiad, yammer
жалобная песнь
elegy, lament
имя существительное
a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.
his mother's night-long laments for his father
mourn (a person's loss or death).
he was lamenting the death of his infant daughter
‘Lamentate’ is a lament not for the dead but the living, struggling with the pain and hopelessness of the world.
One of MacNeil's most important roles as clan bard is to eulogise and lament the deaths of important clan members.
Dusty stood it on its head and made it a passionate lament of loneliness and love.
I could have sworn I heard a piper playing a lament .
The mourning mother recirculates the lament of the earlier lines as Orpheus and Calliope are themselves ‘fall'n on evil days.’
Paradise Lost is of course in its largest sense a lament for the loss of human innocence.
And this well-worn lament is never more true than when it applies to country crafts.
The Ritsos poem was actually written after demonstrations in Thessaloniki in May 1936, and it's the lament of a mother whose son, taking part in the demonstrations, has been killed by the police.
A Scottish piper will play a lament from the control tower at Elvington Airfield during the funeral service in the hangar tomorrow at 12.30 pm.
Not even the peasantry escaped, as was well appreciated by those who sang the popular lament , ‘Song of the Husbandman’, in Edward I's reign.