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lamella / ламель, пластинка, ламелла
имя существительное
plate, lamella, wax
имя существительное
a thin layer, membrane, scale, or platelike tissue or part, especially in bone tissue.
Tunas have numerous lamellae (gill membranes) and very thin lamellar walls, and are able to extract more oxygen from the water than any other fish.
The enzyme randomly cleaves ß - 1,4 linked galacturonosyl residues of pectins from the middle lamella and primary cell-walls of higher plants, resulting in the maceration of plant tissues.
In the cell corner middle lamella , gold particles are mainly associated with the dense regions.
A continuous, thinly lamellate , outer region that varies in thickness overlies large expanded peg-like areas of ECM that extend from the primary wall and localize with anti-JIM7.
The shell surface is apparently devoid of ornament (possibly through preservation), except for the anterior margin of the trail which bears faint, irregular, undulating, and lamellose growth lines.
In chloroplasts, repair of PSII is thought to take place in the stromal lamellae .
Specifically, they lack the characteristic lamellate cortex of true rhabdites.
In the whole range of cholesterol concentration explored, the diffraction studies show a single lamellar phase with no evidence of a separation of extended domains.
In addition, the plastids of these tubers were more often reported to contain a large volume of electron-dense, lamellate stroma, than were plastids of Earth-grown minitubers.
Several genera have well-developed dental lamellae , whereas others lack these structures.
Sections were made at distances of 200 mm, 100 mm and 40 mm from tips of an adventitious root and stained with Sudan Red 7B. Lipophilic substances such as suberin lamellae , were stained bright red.