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lambada / ламбада
имя существительное
имя существительное
a fast, erotic Brazilian dance that couples perform with their stomachs touching.
If you can waltz, do the tango or even the lambada why not join Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dancing at Twirles Leisure Complex in Northfleet?
The fact that the baby is still doing the lambada on all internal organs it can find is far more reassuring to me.
It's a kind of Latin joint full of sleazy men and girls who can do a passable samba, lambada or can just shake their hips.
The coaches will school the dance couples in the rules and basic steps of each dance style, including Cuban salsa, boogie woogie, Argentine tango, disco, lambada , lindyhop, jitterbug and shag.
Everything's dancing to a more snaky and curvaceous rhythm right now - a much more meandering and lateral lambada .
Dances range from lambada to pantsula, contemporary dance to Indian and West African.
Amazing, but Valery can dance lambada right after a training session.
Some compared the quebradita dancing style to the Mexican equivalent of dirty dancing, others as a mixture of lambada , cumbia, salsa, flamenco, tango, and the Texas two-step.
From tap to tango, Cuban salsa to the charleston, lambada to lindy hop, the most dazzling duos will be setting the dance floor and the nation's hearts alight in the hope of winning viewers' votes.
A typical salsa session can include anything from mambo to meringue and even the dreaded lambada , but there is no room for salsa pop or romantico here and the title ‘a beginners guide’ is misleading.
Movies, television, and theatrical productions depict Brazilians as doing little else than dancing the lambada and the samba (popular Brazilian dances) and participating in their world famous street parties.