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lamb / ягненок, агнец, овечка
имя существительное
lamb, yeanling, cade, poddy
lamb, kid, yean
имя существительное
a young sheep.
More than 90% of the sheep were marked as lambs , and all rams were individually identifiable.
(of a ewe) give birth to lambs.
With ewes lambing now, lambs for slaughter are in short supply.
Selling for fat is no good to us as there is no profit in that when you lamb at this time of year.
the poor lamb is very upset
William barks for them to shut up as he bites into a lamb shank.
Yes, Kelley herself is not exactly an innocent lamb being led to media slaughter.
A wide-eyed innocent, Matthew is initially the lamb to the slaughter as he falls under the spell of the beguiling Isabelle.
I was preparing lamb chops, according to a recipe from Jamie's Dinners.
They're typically stuffed with a rice and meat mixture, but with lamb chops as the centerpiece, do I really want to do meat in the stuffing?
For Christians there is the added symbolic significance that Jesus is regarded as the lamb of God.
I recommend a light, acidic Beaujolais Villages as your wine partner to a lamb curry.
Even a man of Karsh's considerable charm couldn't have turned Churchill from lion to lamb in an instant.