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lakh / сто тысяч, природный лак
имя существительное
сто тысяч
lakh, lac
природный лак
lac, lakh
имя существительное
a hundred thousand.
they fixed the price at five lakhs of rupees
If you calculate the whole thing then this graft works out to thousands and lakhs of rupees.
Maybe the toll would be in lakhs , as seen during the Asian Tsunami.
In addition to that, Mr. Sathe had investments in fixed deposits amounting to Rs. 5 lakhs .
A third lift, this time on block A3, is also under repair at a cost of Rs.3.60 lakhs .
Typhoid accounts for over 16 million cases annually with an estimated six lakhs death.
On top of the brick fort there were two thousand lakhs of demon soldiers walking with their bows and arrows.
Two hundred lakhs have been given to Kandy and two hundred and fifty lakhs to develop Kalutara and Ratnapura.
Today it gets an annual grant of Rs.20 lakhs from the Tamil Nadu Government, but this is hardly enough.
Its full name was Nagar Thatta - the city, with a population of three lakhs .
Of this, Rs 60 lakhs was used to create infrastructure and train local people in capturing the animals.