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lakeside / приозерный
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the land adjacent to a lake.
this road hugs the flat land by the lakeside
The lake has several exceptional lakeside resorts, along with eight developed public campgrounds.
The opportunity shop supports every community group in Paynesville, so every cent will stay in the small lakeside town.
a lakeside resort
His liberal-minded father tolerated his restlessness and arranged for him to work with the forest warden in a lakeside area outside Vienna.
this road hugs the flat land by the lakeside
We were lucky to have a lakeside house when we grew up.
At the lakeside beaches, lifeguards are on duty at least part of the day.
James and I walked for a while quietly until we came to a lakeside beach.
The lake will be cleaned up and sediment removed and the lakeside landing stage and terrace will be repaired.
I have included a rare picture, for this series, of one of the steamers just coming to land at Stock on the lakeside .