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lake / озеро, красочный лак
имя существительное
lake, loch, lough, mere, flood
красочный лак
имя существительное
a large body of water surrounded by land.
boys were swimming in the lake
an insoluble pigment made by combining a soluble organic dye and an insoluble mordant.
The inclusion of azurite blue and lake glazes indicates that this was a sophisticated and expensive colour scheme.
Set slid to the ground without a sound, blood pooling around him and forming a shallow lake of red liquid.
I mean, they live basically off the fishing from the world's second largest freshwater lake .
As April arrived the lake water level rose by a couple of feet after a sustained period of rain.
There are no federal environmental or health standards for arsenic or copper in lake sediments.
boys were swimming in the lake
Instead, the most recommended fish are salmon, common mackerel and lake trout.
the fish was served in a lake of spicy sauce
The lake sturgeon does not appear to present any negative attributes concerning the environment or humans.
the EU wine lake
Burnt umber, terre verte, red ochre, red lake and burnt sienna were identified in several places.