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laity / миряне, светские люди, профаны
имя существительное
светские люди
имя существительное
lay people, as distinct from the clergy.
Today divorced and remarried clergy and laity serve the church faithfully as full partners.
clergy and laity
In times of crisis, leaders are needed who can inspire both clergy and laity .
Never did Shaw speak a truer word, that all professions are conspiracies against the laity .
They hope to raise enough support to force the issue when Greek Orthodox clergy and laity convene next year in Los Angeles.
Further, the council called on the entire church to evangelize the modern world through renewal of the laity 's role.
In many cases it is being done by co-opting both the clergy and the laity , giving them no alternative except to acquiesce.
Some of our parishes are dull little affairs presided over by a fearful clergy and laity .
Still, some way must be found for the clergy and laity of the world to be involved in the choice.
Each will create a blurring of the boundaries between clergy and laity .
We need a learned clergy and a learned laity to meet the demands and challenges of local church and community life and of being God's people in the world.