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lairy / lairy
имя прилагательное
cunning or conceited.
Like Lads - the real inheritors of the hippie legacy - Emin's bleary, blurry, beery, leery, lairy anti-sensualist sensibility is an advert for the vacuity of her own preferences.
ostentatiously attractive; flashy.
the former Hollywood bad girl is putting her lairy Tinseltown past behind her
aggressive or rowdy.
a couple of lairy people pushed me around
His stark garage tunes - inflected by house and hip hop - celebrated late-night, low rent Britain in all its lairy glory.
If I didn't want to do something, if I didn't want to be flash on the golf course with a lairy shirt, I wasn't going to do it for anything.
He was drunk and lairy , red-faced and petulant.
This time, BMW seems to be aiming at 3-series customers who shy away from the larger cars and their lairy image.
It was produced by scary, hairy, lairy Martin Hannett and as a whole the songs drunkenly fall and clatter with wild abandon.
It's not so much that they are lairy or rude or stare at people, they just tend to be a bit loud when hammered and some people tend to take exception to that.
A woman in a lairy teeshirt shoves a half-pack of love hearts at me with an ad for the next round of celebrity reality tv.
But, as befits the actor whose screen character is a smart but lairy chancer who finds himself out of his depth, Conlon is a bit bemused at his rising reputation.
The hero of Ken Loach's new film is Liam, a lairy young lad a few weeks shy of his 16th birthday, caught with his friend Pinball selling contraband fags in a pub, without reference to HM customs and excise.
I tried to reach him on Saturday, with the three million texts and phonecalls which are the trademark of my breed of lairy neurotic woman, but he wasn't having it.