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lair / логово, логовище, берлога
имя существительное
lair, den, lie
lair, couch, haunt
den, lair, digs, couch, dig
лежать в берлоге
помещать в загон
имя существительное
a wild animal's resting place, especially one that is well hidden.
What a desolation it has become, a lair for wild animals!
Dacoits and wild beasts from the surrounding forests used it as their lair .
If she hesitates, the male again pops in and out of his lair until she is finally tempted inside.
Sophia gathered that this place was not his home, but his lair , his secret study.
Her eyes studied more clues that let her to piece together that this was indeed the lair of the criminal they were looking for.
They would have no compunction about silencing a fellow countryman who'd discovered their hidden lair .
Doug built a lair , with a secret hidden entrance that only he knew of but his father told him to put all the cushions back on the sofa and chairs properly when he got home from work that evening.
he led the police to the criminals' lair
As it is an offence to kill or ‘knowingly disturb’ an otter, the developers will now have to construct a replacement holt - an underground lair - for the animals.
At his secret lair , Moltar watched over all the participants.
Meanwhile, in a dark part of Earth, in his secret lair deep in the Bermuda triangle, a menace by the name of Hordas was plotting to take over the World.