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laid-back / спокойный, отрешенный
имя прилагательное
calm, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, easy, laid-back
имя прилагательное
relaxed and easygoing.
a shaggy dog with an engaging, laid-back temperament
It's such a laid-back , calm city and I felt very much at peace there.
Topsham is a real find, with both historical and maritime interest and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.
Yet beneath the laid-back exterior, a lifelong love for playing sport still obviously burns away.
Nonetheless, I'm grateful to be back in the laid-back peacefulness of my favourite University town.
A tolerant, laid-back city, Beziers takes its wines and its festivals seriously.
You can see from this weekend that it's all very informal, with casual dress and a laid-back atmosphere.
The laid-back star, who turns 40 next year, swears she loves getting older.
Despite a laid-back image, Mickelson is highly competitive and a keen betting man who wants to win every activity he tries.
We played as if everyone in the audience was really, really smart and laid-back and hip.
So far, compared to Lord Hutton, he has taken a laid-back and leisurely approach.