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laggard / увалень, неповоротливый человек
имя существительное
lubber, goof, laggard, lummox, galoot, dub
неповоротливый человек
имя прилагательное
sluggish, slack, flaccid, languid, listless, laggard
slow, sluggish, dilatory, tardy, lingering, laggard
имя прилагательное
slower than desired or expected.
a bell to summon laggard children to school
имя существительное
a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others.
there was no time for laggards
Put a team back in Winnipeg: If it means putting Pittsburgh out of its misery or shifting laggard Atlanta, so be it.
Why bother to invest in training when the benefits are likely to accrue to laggard firms?
Fiorina insists all the laggard businesses will be profitable by the middle of next year, or face more pruning.
The only realistic way is to raise Britain's laggard productivity performance.
Their words were soothing and completely removed any doubts we once had about possible product overlap or how 64-bit Xeons might slow already laggard Itanium sales.
President Georgi Purvanov says Bulgaria does not want to be tied to laggard countries in its bid for European Union membership.
Many investors want him to get rid of laggard performers, such as GE Appliances and GE Lighting.
As the CEO of the laggard portal company, Lansing has faced his share of critics, and most of them are emphatic that his ideas won't work.
Ark Life has shaken off its laggard status of recent years by producing the best performing unit linked Irish domestic fund in 2003.
We are the laggard partner in this co-evolution.