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lag / отставать, запаздывать, медлить
fall behind, lag behind, lag, lose, slow, drop behind
lag, be behind, be behind schedule, retard
delay, linger, tarry, stay, pause, lag
linger, stay, lag, overstay, repose, stay on
drag, dangle, lag, trail, dangle after, draggle
имя существительное
lag, gap, arrears, retard, leeway, weakness
delay, setback, retention, lag, retardation, detention
lag, lagging, retard, time-lag
deceleration, retard, slowdown, retardation, moderation, lag
имя существительное
a period of time between one event or phenomenon and another.
there was a time lag between the commission of the crime and its reporting to the police
a retardation in an electric current or movement.
With a longitudinal bias field, there was a lag of about 3.5 ns as the magnetization responded to the switching pulse.
the non-heat-conducting cover of a boiler, pipes, etc.; lagging.
a person who has been frequently convicted and sent to prison.
both old lags were sentenced to ten years' imprisonment
fall behind in movement, progress, or development; not keep pace with another or others.
they stopped to wait for one of the children who was lagging behind
determine the order of play by striking the cue ball from balk to rebound off the top cushion, first stroke going to the player whose ball comes to rest nearer the bottom cushion.
enclose or cover (a boiler, pipes, etc.) with material that provides heat insulation.
a lagged hot-water tank
arrest or send to prison.
And why is there no mention of the historical significance of asbestos insulation used to lag the steam boilers?
Two phases of content leakage are observed: a lag phase and a burst phase.
Yet Roger's death warrant was probably signed decades ago when he served on submarines in the 1960s and 1970s, at a time when asbestos was widely used to lag pipes.
Customization seems to be one area where Google will lag behind its rivals.
They used preformed sections in a semi-circular shape to lag pipe work.
So dump the SUV, tell your kids to walk to school, turn down the central heating, insulate the attic, take shorter showers, use CFL bulbs and lag the hot water tank.
During range expansions, a lag phase often precedes rapid population growth.
there was a time lag between the commission of the crime and its reporting to the police
As I've already mentioned, there seems to be a short lag of about one second though.
It was a common practice at many industrial factories to lag pipes with asbestos, Mr Conyers-Kelly points out.