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ladyship / титул леди, звание леди
имя существительное
титул леди
звание леди
ladyhood, ladyship
имя существительное
a respectful form of reference or address to a woman who has a title.
the car is outside, Your Ladyship
Her Ladyship is down for the weekend, so the latest entry into the Idiot of the Week hall of fame is just going to have to wait.
The dining lounge has been prepared, will her Ladyship and the gentleman be joining you?
I merely tried to deliver a letter to Her Ladyship , as an elevated person charged me to do.
I'll see if His Grace is up yet, Your Ladyship .
Dinner was announced, we sat ourselves down at the silver-laden candle-lit table, Her Ladyship played five-finger exercises of conversation at the far end of the table, His Lordship and I discussed business at the other.
Her Ladyship added that ‘a number of new requests were subsequently made by the Rochamel Development.’
I was privileged to dine with the family and sat across from her Ladyship and on the right of Lord Donovan.
I wasn't sure whether Her Ladyship would accept my proposal, and it rather unravelled my nerves.
There's no one in the whole of London who will disagree with the fact that Her Ladyship is a virago, plain and simple.
‘Your Ladyship,’ he began, stammering uncontrolledly, ‘Your Ladyship , I have just received some dire news.’