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lady / леди, дама, девушка
имя существительное
lady, gentlewoman, noblewoman, peeress
lady, queen, dame, gentlewoman, donna
girl, lady, maiden, lass, maid, puss
mistress, lady, madam, Frau, madame, dame
lady, mistress, madam
имя существительное
a woman (used as a polite or old-fashioned form of reference).
I spoke to the lady at the travel agency
a woman of superior social position, especially one of noble birth.
lords and ladies and royalty were once entertained at the house
a man's wife.
welcoming the vice president and his lady
When Devlin announces to his fellows that Alicia is ‘first, last, and always not a lady ,’ his desire and regret bear down on him.
We are familiar with stories of the intimate and wrong-headed projections heaped upon the maid who is accused of taking something that the lady of the house simply misplaced.
Charney glanced up when the older lady spoke to her.
She had always been a proper lady , who believed in classic things like courtly love and un-divorceable marriage.
a portrait of the lady of the house
As a child we may have learned that it is not polite for a lady to express anger, or that it is a sign of weakness to cry in public, or that men should enjoy physical contact sports and so on.
a lady doctor
Soldiers in some units bought their Kevlar armor on Ebay, lady .
I spoke to the lady at the travel agency
Doula is a Greek word meaning slave or servant and stems from ancient Greece where the doula was the top-notch home help privileged to help the lady of the house give birth.