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ladle / ковш, черпак
имя существительное
ladle, scoop, dipper, shovel, trough, bailer
scoop, ladle, dipper, bucket, bailer, grab
spill, pour, pour out, ladle, ladle out, slop
draw, scoop, draw upon, dip, ladle, bucket
имя существительное
a large long-handled spoon with a cup-shaped bowl, used for serving soup, stew, or sauce.
The noodles are presented in large stone bowls, and the soup spoons are wooden ladles .
serve (soup, stew, or sauce) with a ladle.
she ladled out onion soup
Now, lift the ladle from the mold, and allow a small puddle to form on top of the sprue plate before returning the ladle to the molten lead.
Carefully ladle soup into warm bowls, making sure that each person gets a fair share of the seafood.
Break bread into chunks, place in each bowl and ladle soup over top; let sit until bread is soft.
She picked up the ladle , and a bowl that was sitting next to it and quietly poured herself some soup.
Give it a few minutes to come to full temperature, and then, after fluxing the metal, the first ladle full of lead is lifted to the pre-heated mold.
When handled at the proper furnace temperature and cooled to the proper pouring temperature, the crucible is removed or the metal is tapped into a ladle .
Check that the silver drawer is deep enough to close without nicking the curved handle of your soup ladle .
She opened the basket, and pulled out a large pot, a ladle , two spoons, a knife, two bowls, and another basket.
Still pondering the situation, Kristin replaced the soup ladle and followed Brittney and Chelsea to the salad bar.
Amy stood back up and went around the table with the ladle and bowl.