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laden / груженый, нагруженный, обремененный
имя прилагательное
loaded, laden, charged, heavy, fraught
laden, heavy, loaded
имя прилагательное
heavily loaded or weighed down.
a tree laden with apples
load (a ship or other vessel).
In any case, Banks laded the transports with the seeds of dozens of fruits, grains and vegetables.
I remember that the tree was heavily laden with mangoes that day, and we both climbed the tree and picked some of the succulent fruit.
The script is so heavily laden with gags it can barely fit them in, and the acting is impeccable.
The sausages were so overcooked they tasted like salami, while the mash was so heavily laden with mustard you could probably start your own bomb factory with it.
The little Irish maid entered, burdened with a tray laden with breakfast.
Any economic downturn in the US would have a severe impact, given that the country's banking and financial system is heavily laden with bad debts.
The company is understood to be heavily laden with debt following recent investments.
You have been shopping hard at Xiangyang Lu Fashion Market for an hour or two and are heavily laden with bags of trendy clothing bargains.
But names such as The Devils, The Angels, or The Saints would have been accepted despite the fact that they are heavily laden with religious connections.
Oftentimes, I was amazed at his strength as he carried metal trays heavily laden with a dozen or more full 2 litre milk bottles.
The small cove is at the bottom of a very steep cliff road that is slippery when wet, and a car, heavily laden with dive equipment, can find getting up or down a struggle.