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laddie / паренек, парнишка, мальчуган
имя существительное
lad, chappy, laddie, chappie, shaver
chappie, laddie, chappy
little man, nipper, laddie, tad, bubby
имя существительное
a boy or young man (often as a form of address).
he's just a wee laddie
Why am I reflecting glumly on such thoughts as: ‘Beware your dreams, laddie , for some day they may be granted’?
‘Welcome to Scotland, laddie ,’ growls Getch in his best through-the-beard burr.
They have a laddie [Steven] Whittaker who is a cracking player.
Nobody has ever come back, laddie , from the other side.
Someone must have been really sick to hurt that wee laddie .
‘That's what it feels like to have a child, laddie ,’ she said.
Out of the ivory tower and onto the streets with you, laddie .
His first crime was taking a fairy cake from a shop, then he got into trouble for taking a wee laddie 's bike.
By the time we got to the 18th, I was really wet but he just said: ‘Wasn't this great, laddie !’
he's just a wee laddie