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ladder / лестница, трап, стремянка
имя существительное
stairs, staircase, ladder, stairway, footway
ladder, ramp, stairs, trap, gangplank
ladder, stepladder, step, rung ladder, scaling-ladder
get down, descend, go down, come down, fall, ladder
имя существительное
a structure consisting of a series of bars or steps between two upright lengths of wood, metal, or rope, used for climbing up or down something.
You run around climbing ladders , shimmying across ropes and running from one platform to another, collecting gems while avoiding the bad guys.
(in tights or stockings) a run.
She's a social climber with ladders in her stockings but a good heart.
(with reference to tights or stockings) develop or cause to develop a run.
Resting there, miraculously, was a ladder , the rusting metal kind, like the fire escapes on apartments.
Often when an executive takes that last step up the ladder and becomes chairman of a company, the view from the top is strewn with things that need to be cleaned up.
And that forced me to get even higher up on the rickety ladder .
In the mid-1990s, the city began climbing up the evolutionary ladder .
As she climbs the corporate ladder to the top, Kate also grows to love her gentleman caller.
Rather than fixing a position on a hierarchical socio-economic ladder , consumerism establishes lateral connections that affirm middle-class affiliation.
They've followed the rules, been generously rewarded, and climbed society's ladder of success.
When your foot was on the roof, you had to transfer your weight from the ladder to the roof and then step off the ladder fully.
one of Sally's stockings developed a ladder
Their only chance to get a foot on the property ladder is in places like Carlow.