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lad / парень, мальчик, юноша
имя существительное
guy, boy, fellow, kid, lad, chap
boy, lad, youngster, houseboy, man-child
youth, lad, youngster, adolescent, stripling, juvenile
lad, chappy, laddie, chappie, shaver
лихой парень
имя существительное
a boy or young man (often as a form of address).
I read that book when I was a lad
a stable worker (regardless of age or sex).
But I think I would want to come home to the yard, lads and horses - I just hope that dilemma may one day be reality!
Years ago, before the house was a hotel, it was owned by the parents of Mickey Walsh, a lad Christy was at school with.
I read that book when I was a lad
Stub that fact out and extinguish that opinion immediately, my lad !
They know he is a bit of a lad , but they like a president who gets things done.
Reggie (real name, Rajendra, but it got Americanised when he lived in the USA) is a bit of a lad .
come in, lad, and shut the door
It isn't paramilitaries but guys acting the lad till someone hits them a smack in the gob and that's all it is.
Tony was a bit of a lad —always had an eye for the women
Kandidate's effort was all the more meritorious for the fact that he dropped his lad and ran loose for a mile on the gallops yesterday morning.
What does the poor lad have to talk about?