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lacy / кружевной, похожий на кружево
имя прилагательное
lace, lacy
похожий на кружево
имя прилагательное
made of, resembling, or trimmed with lace.
a lacy petticoat
There are several lacy , underwired and padded styles that look nothing like trainer bras.
When you have made them all put a plate on top of the plate of lacy pancakes, then turn them over so that the brown crispy side is uppermost.
It was a lacy , pink, frilly room complete with canopy bed and a window seat.
She was last seen walking along the Thames without her top, in a white lacy bra and pink floral mini skirt.
The figure in a modest black gown and lacy apron bowed her head demurely.
The top was lacy with spaghetti straps and the bottom was dark red satin.
Marietta shook her head, pulling her lacy shawl tighter around her shoulders.
Most women's lucky underpants are black and lacy ; most men's, for some strange reason, are yellow.
My uniform consists of a short puffy black skirt with a lacy blue apron, and a creamy off-white blouse.
The foliage is lacy , and attractive even when the flowers are not in bloom.