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lacuna / пробел, лакуна, пропуск
имя существительное
space, gap, blank, void, lacuna, omission
lacuna, gap, lacune, crypt
pass, skip, omission, permit, gap, lacuna
имя существительное
an unfilled space or interval; a gap.
the journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies
Marg's new book is an attempt to fill the lacuna , and comes 25 years after an earlier study titled Homage to Jaipur.
In this provocative study, Newhauser fills a lacuna in historical scholarship even as he provides insight for the nonhistorian.
This reasoning in the Minister's speech, if it is legitimate to refer to it at all, does not show that the new section filled a lacuna in the previous statute.
If the lacuna is to be filled, Parliament must do it, not the Courts.
Also like Mailer, his text is such a distillation of references and revelations that nearly every page has an asterisked lacuna ; a story within a story which is frequently a gem.
the journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies
Rather, this gap must be seen as a serious lacuna in the surviving texts, a gulf that will critically limit our analysis.
With many European metal bands not choosing to incorporate folkish melodies, there existed a lacuna waiting to be filled.
Unfortunately, the only evidence that the inscription provides for identifying the father of Flavia Menandra is his gentilicium and a lacuna of nine or ten letters for his cognomen.
Because of this lacuna , Frickenhaus posited that the text originally described the figure as being by Lysippos.