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lactiferous / выделяющий молоко, выделяющий млечный сок
имя прилагательное
выделяющий молоко
выделяющий млечный сок
lactescent, lactiferous
имя прилагательное
forming or conveying milk or milky fluid.
lactiferous ducts
An example is the inferior pedicle technique, in which the areola and nipple are moved while attached to a mound of tissue, called a pedicle, that contains the still-connected lactiferous ducts and nerves.
However, if the implant is placed on top of the pectoral muscle, it can exert pressure on the lactiferous ducts and glands, which will reduce lactation.
The ducts are somewhat larger just behind the nipple where they form lactiferous ampulla which accumulate breast milk during and just prior to breast feeding.
If a surgical procedure is necessary, care should be taken to preserve breast function by using a radial incision, which has less chance of severing the nerve supply or lactiferous ducts than the usual circumareolar incision.
It is produced in the cytoplasm of lactiferous cells along with amino acids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.