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lactic / молочный
имя прилагательное
lactic, dairy, milky, milk, milch, deciduous
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or obtained from milk.
Reddy contends that, back in the 1930s and 1940s, there was more lactic flora in the milk.
Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk is rich in natural lactic biotics and contains all the healthy ingredients of natural yoghurt.
Relative contraindications include: history of alcoholism, hepatic impairment, suicidal intent, previous history of lactic acidosis, peripheral vascular disease, and angina.
The fact that the administration of IV sodium bicarbonate has not been beneficial in lactic acidosis is difficult to interpret for several reasons.
Screening patients for use of metformin and adherence to the above recommendations are important as mortality can be as high as 50% in patients who develop lactic acidosis.
‘I decided to go up for five and come down before I got too much lactic build-up,’ she said.
By the time I wrestled it in, my arm was trembling with lactic exhaustion.
None of the sterols tested at this level induced cytotoxicity as measured by lactic dehydrogenase release.
Studies suggest that NRTI treatment of HIV patients causes mitochondrial myopathy, including ragged red fibers, cardiac myopathy with cardiac dilation and failure, neuropathy and lactic acidosis.
Whole body endurance training studies demonstrate reductions in lactic acidosis with exercise, improvements in oxidative enzymes and metabolism of muscle, and improvements in muscle strength of the lower extremity.
The AWPL, however, features eight-minute quarters providing 32 total minutes of game play and a little more lactic build-up, leg burn, and lung fatigue for the athletes.