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lacquer / лак, лакированные изделия, глазурь
имя существительное
lacquer, varnish, polish, dope, lacker, japan
лакированные изделия
lacquer, lacker
glaze, frosting, glazing, lacquer, varnish, enamel
varnish, lacquer, japan, dope, varnish over, lacker
покрывать лаком
varnish, lacquer, lacker, varnish over
покрывать глазурью
glaze, lacquer, lacker, frost, enamel
имя существительное
the sap of the lacquer tree used to varnish wood or other materials.
Furthermore, imitative products like varnish which substituted for lacquer generated new industries and created distinctive products.
coat with lacquer.
choose from brushed or lacquered copper
The hair was dried, puffed out and held in place with lacquer .
In other news, my observations of London show that a Kensington hairdresser uses my company's logo to promote the use of lacquer and blow-waves!
However, before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico a form of lacquer was produced for the ruling class of the indigenous Tarascans in the state known today as Michoacan.
There are also old western and Thai paper documents, as well as magnificent lacquer and gilt bookcases.
Part one ends with an asymmetrical chapter on lacquer ; japanning, and varnish, gilding, and silvering.
However, Kagedo's main focus was to introduce contemporary Japanese lacquer artwork, and it succeeded in selling several lacquer pieces.
A primer is then applied to fill in any small holes, followed by a coat of paint and another layer of protective lacquer until the alloys are almost as good as new.
Maison Gerard, meanwhile, show a sumptuous pair of Jules Leleu commodes from the 1940s, covered in white shagreen and with sycamore interiors, gilt-bronze mounts and coral-red lacquer tops.
Since varnish is a more durable than lacquer and was in use before polyurethane was invented, it tends to be favored by many old-timers, if for no other reason than it works.
This year's chairman, Roger Keverne, exhibits a very rare early fifteenth-century Chinese red lacquer box and a massive Tang Horse, among other treasures.