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lacking / недостающий, умственно отсталый
имя прилагательное
missing, lacking, deficient, failing, wanting
умственно отсталый
retarded, weak in the head, defective, subnormal, lacking, retardate
имя прилагательное
not available or in short supply.
adequate resources and funds are both sadly lacking at present
be without or deficient in.
the novel lacks imagination
I know nothing of Camilla - except that wise influences on Charles seem lacking .
Such a universality was lacking in Malayalam films that had come up for the competition, says Prasad.
The sound quality is very reasonable, although perhaps lacking in the treble department.
Labelling is more comprehensive, though still lacking in detail.
Confidence in the future of the Social Security system has been lacking for a long time.
Storage space for such a quantity of oil is presently lacking , and new facilities may need to be built.
The danger of an epidemic here is high, as sanitation is simply lacking .
What is lacking is the vision and the statesmanship necessary to make that vision a reality.
The ending is also a big disappointment, completely lacking in creativity and daring.
UK workers are apathetic and lacking in skills according to a bunch of highly-skilled and very driven management bods.