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lackey / лакей, холуй
имя существительное
footman, lackey, flunkey, flunky, lacquey, menial
lackey, lacquey
wait, wait on, attend, wait upon, minister, lackey
lackey, lacquey
cringe, kowtow, truckle, creep, crouch, lackey
имя существительное
a servant, especially a liveried footman or manservant.
This is a man who treats women like servants and men like lackeys .
behave servilely to; wait upon as a lackey.
No, she wouldn't unleash her rage upon a mere lackey .
Am I an elitist bastard running-dog lackey etc for believing that only people who actually care should make the decisions?
We already have a President and the Rodent is his biggest crawling, lick-spittle lackey .
By the end he sees that in the house of the film star he is regarded as ‘a lackey , a sponger, a pathetic hanger-on’.
he denied that he was the lackey of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Simon Trinder turns Teodoro's lackey into a bundle of popeyed, inventive energy.
And the sorceress Ro sent out a servant boy and her lackey Isamu to go shopping.
He disdains capitalism and free trade, and throughout the campaign accused Yushchenko of being a running-dog lackey of the Yankee imperialists.
King Idris is involved, of course, this place could not exist without his permission, but he is a mere lackey .
When asked who comes with Petruchio, Biondello responds, ‘O, sir, his lackey , for all the world caparisoned like the horse’.