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lack / отсутствие, недостаток, нужда
имя существительное
absence, lack, failure, default, miss, penury
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, shortcoming
need, want, distress, poverty, necessity, lack
не хватать
lack, fail, be shy of
lack, miss, fail, be shy of
испытывать недостаток
lack, want
need, require, be in need, want, lack, demand
не иметь
имя существительное
the state of being without or not having enough of something.
the case was dismissed for lack of evidence
be without or deficient in.
the novel lacks imagination
At the same time, however, millions of people lack such coverage, and policymakers have proposed a range of approaches for expanding health insurance coverage.
his lack of manners is unbelievable
Sam did not lack for friends
Murray Iddles says it is a kick in the guts to see industry only contributing $10,000 to the scheme which has now been closed by Growcom due to the lack of support.
I have a total lack of respect for him
Our complete lack of focus (among many other things) contributed to our ultimate demise.
the case was dismissed for lack of evidence
the case was dismissed for lack of evidence
Much of the country is suffering severe lack of water, and the small quantities supplied are not good for human use.
there's an obvious lack of support for the bill