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lachrymose / слезливый, плаксивый, полный слез
имя прилагательное
maudlin, lachrymose, mawkish, drippy, wet, slobbery
maudlin, lachrymose, soupy, wet, weepy
полный слез
tearful, watery, lachrymose
имя прилагательное
tearful or given to weeping.
she was pink-eyed and lachrymose
‘Surely,’ he wrote, ‘it is time to break with the lachrymose theory of pre-Revolutionary woe, and to adopt a view more in accord with historic truth.’
He now almost disappears from the story, the rest of which relates, with lachrymose sentiment and many frissons of horror (including a hint of necrophilia), the misfortunes and eventual joys of young Melvil and Monimia.
A bar in which one may engage in such pleasant diversions as drinking beer or wine, bantering lightly or commiserating lachrymosely with friends is only a bar.
Where else can you hear a show lachrymosely titled ‘The Saddest Music in the World’?
Fortunately, there is some sensitive writing to balance this kind of lachrymosity .
Its wild swings between the lurid and the lachrymosely sentimental are much uglier, however.
It has nothing to do with my state of mind at the time or any tendency to lachrymosity .
Transcending audience expectations of cosily heartwarming fare, Christian Carion's approach is accessible, unashamedly old-fashioned even, but it's impressive and moving precisely because it never resorts to easy lachrymosity or self-righteous breast-beating.
You might have thought that Leonora would be just calmly loathing and he lachrymosely contrite.
And so The Wild Boy is a sad novel, tugging the heartstrings with some of the rhapsodic lachrymosity that felled Little Nell.