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lacerate / раздирать, мучить, разрывать
rend, tear, lacerate, rent
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, lacerate
tear, break, burst, sever, disrupt, lacerate
имя прилагательное
ragged, lacerate
tear or make deep cuts in (flesh or skin).
the point had lacerated his neck
Men don't lacerate themselves in their attempts to get laughs.
A few years later a crisis of confidence led him into an almost reclusive lifestyle, where he would paint to get away from the pain and, more disturbingly, lacerate his skin because he believed he wasn't attractive to the opposite sex.
Mickey Joseph slid out of bounds and lacerated his calf muscle.
I go out to a place like Woomera and I see ten and twelve year old boys who have lacerated their arms.
Her bare feet were lacerated as she dug through the wreckage.
His legs were deeply lacerated , but his life was saved when a stranger managed to pluck him from the waters.
In order to save himself, he tore off all his clothes and jumped into a nearby bush of thorns and nettles, lacerating his whole body.
A badly lacerated knee meant he missed the Third Test but the attrition rate in the Kiwi camp meant that instead of being able to put his feet up, he had to travel to France to play in a one-off Test.
So they made us put stones in our shoes and ropes around our waists which lacerated our skin.
Prevented from surfacing to breathe, the sea mammals drown while their skin is lacerated by the spines of writhing fish.