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lace-up / зашнуровать
lace up
имя существительное
a shoe or boot that is fastened with laces.
brown leather lace-ups
имя прилагательное
(of a shoe or garment) fastened with laces.
flat lace-up shoes
I think the answer lies in tweed jackets and lace-up boots.
Taking off the lid, he brought out a pair of the grimmest black lace-up school shoes I had ever seen in my life.
That said, slip into style with this pair of brown leather lace-up shoes from Camper.
It has Victorian lace-up knee boots for £375, which sounds expensive, but you do get an exact fit, and you can choose the colour, leather and heel height.
He patted his chest where the medallion was hidden beneath his white lace-up shirt.
From the start, she dressed me in overalls and lace-up shoes.
The lace-up corset, which was easily laced alone, made a woman's job at dressing easier for she wouldn't need any help lacing up the corset.
The man was wearing a salmon pink shirt, blue-green vest, a dark suit jacket, grey Levi jeans and black lace-up shoes.
Choose lace-up shoes instead of slip-ons, and keep the laces tied.
Her gray wool dress came to her ankles, which were encased in tall lace-up black shoes.