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labyrinth / лабиринт, безвыходное положение, трудное положение
имя существительное
maze, labyrinth, intricacy
безвыходное положение
stalemate, deadlock, blind alley, stymie, dead end, labyrinth
трудное положение
tight, labyrinth
имя существительное
a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.
a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers
a complex structure in the inner ear that contains the organs of hearing and balance. It consists of bony cavities (the bony labyrinth ) filled with fluid and lined with sensitive membranes (the membranous labyrinth ).
These fusions divide the bony labyrinth into two chambers called scala vestibuli and scala tympani.
a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers
His investigation reveals a twisted labyrinth of deception and betrayal, with remorseless vixen Kitty Collins at the center.
Ariadne is this character in Greek myth who accompanies Theseus on his dangerous expedition to the heart of the labyrinth to kill the dreaded Minotaur.
Artress led the effort to reintroduce the labyrinth into the world as a spiritual tool.
However, after centuries of building, law's design is difficult to discern; its attempt to impose order on chaos has become its own labyrinth , confusing as much as enlightening those who try to enter.
The lanes and alleys of the Marrakech medina twist and turn through a labyrinth where excitement and mystery await you around every corner.
The neuromast organs of the lateral line are similar the receptors in the labyrinth .
It is situated in the intricate labyrinth of the Niah Caves.
The likely result of this is a labyrinth of intricate employment and childcare arrangements that families may find harder to juggle, not easier.
The few seemingly simple slips of paper turn out to be a confusing labyrinth of coupons, even if colour coordinated.