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labourer / рабочий, чернорабочий, неквалифицированный рабочий
имя существительное
worker, laborer, workman, operator, working man, laboring man
laborer, unskilled worker, navvy, hunky, labourer
неквалифицированный рабочий
laborer, bohunk, labourer
имя существительное
a person doing unskilled manual work for wages.
a farm laborer
Mr Rooney was a labourer , with little employment to be had around Croxteth.
‘I am just a widower looking after his three children; a poor labourer who gets by picking olives and minding the vegetable patch,’ he told reporters.
a farm labourer
He became a press operator and then moved into the building trade as a labourer until an industrial injury on a building site left him unable to continue.
Through the Bootham-based Youth Enquiry Service he has the chance of a room in a shared house, which could lead to employment as a labourer .
A construction labourer was killed and another sustained injuries when a private bus hit their motorcycle in Vazhapadi here on Sunday.
Only the large and very large farms, 17 per cent of the total, were large enough to require the employment of a permanent labourer .
This law excluded Chinese laborers , both skilled and unskilled, from entering the United States for ten years.
The labourers employed there had also worked in Queensland and Fiji, where they had used pidgin English.
Officials said that the labourers lived in overcrowded conditions with no proper sanitation facilities.