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laboured / вымученный, затрудненный, трудный
имя прилагательное
labored, laborious, laboured
labored, obstructed, impeded, laboring, stertorous, laboured
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, labored
имя прилагательное
done with great effort and difficulty.
his breathing was becoming less labored
work hard; make great effort.
they labored from dawn to dusk in two shifts
My strongest memory of him is the sound of his laboured breathing.
When the party broke up slightly we retired to the living room to talk loudly over the sound of my father's laboured drunken snoring as he'd once more collapsed open-mouthed into his chair.
This one had manoeuvred itself into an exposed position and was climbing in a laboured manner up a twisted, dry vine that was coming away from the tree.
Mendelson shuffles around looking catatonically depressed and uttering his lines in a laboured and difficult way.
While her face crinkles into a laboured smirk, her sad eyes say more than words ever could.
But it was a laboured effort, and Armstrong found the strength to respond, passing Ullrich and taking Basso with him.
‘I'm a tourist, not a terrorist,’ was my increasingly laboured refrain.
Or else, the productions crumbled under the weight of laboured interpretations.
This was a laboured sitcom peopled by stereotypical characters in unlikely plots.
New Zealand preparations included an ultimately easy victory over Wales, a laboured success against France, and a narrow loss to the team of the moment and World Cup favourites England.