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labial / губной
имя прилагательное
labial, lip
имя существительное
губной звук
labial sound, labial
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the lips.
(of a consonant) requiring complete or partial closure of the lips (e.g., p , b , f , v , m , w ), or (of a vowel) requiring rounded lips (e.g., oo in m oo n).
That seems to be a complete invention, as both the sound and the video seem to me to indicate that there is a final labial consonant.
имя существительное
a labial sound.
Chapter 4 describes cases where coronals undergo assimilation but dorsals and labials do not.
Expression is seen, however, in the tips of the antennae, maxillary and labial palps, and legs.
Moreover, the labial cusps of Desmatodon are not as strongly developed as those in Diadectes.
Enamel is confined to the anterior and labial surface of the crown.
The only external structures are the labial palps; in some groups, there are sensory tentacles and photoreceptors at the edge of the mantle.
The crests of the ectoloph run to stylar cusps on the labial side of the tooth.
The P4 has a small parastyle and the labial side of this tooth is longer than the lingual side.
The labial and lingual surfaces are either more or less smooth, or covered with fine anastomosing striae.
The lingual part of the transverse valley is slightly deeper than the labial part.
The organic particles are separated by size in sorting areas on the labial palps and are then directed into the mouth.
The paracone is the largest labial cusp, up to twice the height of the parastyle; the cusps posterior to it decrease evenly in size.