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lab / лаборатория
имя существительное
laboratory, lab
имя существительное
a laboratory.
a science lab
a Labrador dog.
I bought this Black Lab for my five year old granddaughter.
We can get different types of mice for our lab experiments until we run out of names for them.
a science lab
The debate about cloning is about scientists trying to create clones in a lab from an adult animal or human.
The leak occurs when animal rights activists break into the lab and free the lab 's chimps.
a science lab
All the lab equipment is up for grabs or a whole lab could be adopted and named after a company or founder.
If you think that isn't cool enough, my dad studies viruses for the medical lab in Atlanta.
In December the upper school was hit when arsonists set fire to the science lab .
We test white mice and worms in labs and we do experiments on sheep and monkeys.
The secondary students at GIS are enjoying their science lessons in new science labs .