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kudu / куду, лесная антилопа
имя существительное
kudu, koodo
лесная антилопа
kudu, koodo
имя существительное
an African antelope that has a grayish or brownish coat with white vertical stripes, and a short bushy tail. The male has long spirally curved horns.
Afterwards, I sit on my terrace and watch what may be kudus , springboks or oryxes amble to the water hole.
One of the other groups came across a young female stalking a herd of kudu , and we were able to join them watching the magnificent cat loiter around our vehicles, entirely relaxed and at times only a few metres away.
In some areas buffalo, kudu and common duikers are a bother.
Located high on a central plateau, with the Auas Mountains serving as a backdrop, it is not uncommon to spot kudu and other antelope shortly upon arrival.
The sudden snort of a kudu could cause me to grip my rifle and prepare for the worst, until I remembered that it was not a large carnivore.
One of the most striking and beautiful of the antelopes, the greater kudu lives in central and southern Africa, in rocky hill country or on brush-covered plains.
Before long, the scrubby plain has offered kudu , ostriches and a jackal.
Instead of the image of a kudu , the commemorative coins sport the ‘ten years of freedom’ logo.
If lucky, you will spot the peculiar tree-climbing python, kudu and roan antelope, a rare experience in the northern safari circuit.
The trail isn't supposed to be a wildlife safari, but we sight many kudu , oryx, baboons and mountain zebra, and a huge Kori Bustard taking to the air.
To get to class, students travel a path known as the Warthog Trot, a winding trail through the bush that's also used by giraffes, kudu , wildebeests, and impalas.