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kosovo / Косово
имя существительное
имя существительное
an autonomous area in the Balkans, formerly a part of Yugoslavia; population 1,804,800 (est. 2009); capital, Priština. It borders on Albania and the majority of the people are of Albanian descent. In 1998, Kosovo was attacked by Serbian forces intent on expelling the Albanian population; the aggression was halted by NATO bombing in 1999, and Kosovo was put under UN administration. In 2008, it declared itself independent.
During a chat with Nita Gojani, a Kosovar with purple-dyed hair, she told him that she had at one point studied in Hawaii.
the capital of Kosovo
He told police the accident happened when some Kosovans ran him off the road.
The Kosovars have been allowed to return to their homes and to live in a state approaching peace.
In the past, the city's recruitment agencies were seeing mainly Kosovans .
It was TV footage of fleeing Kosovans that prompted intervention.
A refugee hostel will become a shelter for the homeless when Kosovars leave later this year.
Kosovo is, I hope, doing better; but the Kosovans are a very different people and have more support from Europe.
If Kosovans go home now, there's time to rebuild their houses or find suitable accommodation before winter sets in.
A coalition government rather than outright victory for one party is the preferred outcome of most Kosovars .