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koruna / коруна
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of the Czech Republic, equal to 100 halers.
In addition to Danish krone, there will be Czech korunas - and Slovak korunas too, for that matter.
She is seeking damages of 1 million koruna , daily newspaper Lidove Noviny wrote.
He was fined a record 200,000 koruna and banned for 15 games Wednesday for criticizing a referee.
The Polish zloty jumped 3.3%, the South African rand 2.5%, Czech koruna 2.0%, and Hungarian forint 1.9%.
According to the company-commissioned study, premature deaths from cigarettes saved the Czech government between 943 million koruna and 1.19 billion koruna (between $23.8 million and $30.1 million).
For instance, the Slovakian koruna hit a record high against the euro on Mar. 8.
On the downside, the Polish zloty sank 4%, the Hungarian forint 2.6%, the Turkish lira 2.5%, and Czech koruna 2.3%.
On the downside, the Czech koruna fell 1.4%, the Polish zloty 1.2%, and the Norwegian krone 0.9%.
On the downside, the Polish Zloty, Slovakia koruna, and South African rand declined 3%, while the Hungarian forint, Czech koruna , and Romania leu declined 2%.
Month-to-date, the Swedish krona, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna , and Norwegian krone have gained almost 5% against the dollar.
Estonia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria rely on currency board arrangements, whereas the Slovak Republic has pegged the koruna to a basket of foreign currencies with fluctuation margins.