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kooky / с закидонами
имя прилагательное
с закидонами
kooky, kook
имя прилагательное
strange or eccentric.
I like kooky foreign films
The kooky pair have been dating for less than a year, but Tom's recent health scare swiftly brought the two together.
And Ayesha, with her curious mix of rabid work ethic and kooky naivety, looks right at home here.
And a lot of what they say makes sense to me, but some of it winds up sounding a little kooky .
He'll probably say something kooky in his wacky language and then run off!
It seems Bennett was led down this road by a remarkably kooky caller.
It seems like only yesterday that you were a kooky bunch of English kids with a funny logo, a taste for Marx and a fetish for vintage synthesizers.
Debate is stifled, and conservatives either go in the closet or get to be seen as slightly kooky .
The younger generation look plain kooky in their big black overcoats emblazoned with East German military memorabilia.
The kooky bird suits are heavily featured in the film's posters.
It's a kooky film that should've been just a bit longer.