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known / известный
имя прилагательное
known, famous, prominent, noted, notorious, famed
имя прилагательное
recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge.
bivalved crustaceans little known to nonprofessionals
Even if they come from a known source, that's no reason to suppose they are harmless.
What industry would benefit from a large database of known working email addresses?
The area is a known meeting point for men and police are concerned that this was a homophobic attack.
The seeds are crushed into a powder and there is no known antidote for the fatal solution.
There have been no major changes since last season, so we are dealing with a known quantity.
The mass of Pluto is now known accurately since a satellite Charon has been discovered.
However in those days people had only a vague concept of place outside their known world.
I now have email filters set up to extract and delete email from known offenders.
If the ratio of the two parts of a given number is known , then each of them can be found.
Police said he had no known reason for disappearing and appealed for more information.