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knowingly / сознательно, намеренно, понимающе
consciously, knowingly, meaningly, wittingly, with open eyes
knowingly, advisedly, by design, intend
in a way that suggests one has secret knowledge or awareness.
Amy looked at me knowingly
in full awareness or consciousness; deliberately.
when a journalist knowingly misleads the readers
She said she had never knowingly touched the incident log.
Amy looked at me knowingly
You have to prove that an employer knowingly hired them.
Amy looked at me knowingly
He appears to have been the kind of performer who would never knowingly reject an offer of employment or disappoint a paying audience.
You should never knowingly consent to your own interview or conversation being tape-recorded without making a tape of your own.
Only a fool, weight enforcement officers say, knowingly drives an overweight truck into a weigh station.
Whether the government of the day knowingly suppressed the evidence is a matter for tabloid debate.
Here we can see how celebrities, whether knowingly or not, can easily exploit the weaknesses of small impoverished states.
The author refers to a conflict of which he either has little understanding, or knowingly distorts the truth.