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knowing / знание, понимание, осознание
имя существительное
knowledge, knowing, science, cognition, cognizance
understanding, insight, comprehension, conception, realization, knowing
awareness, realization, perception, knowing
имя прилагательное
understanding, knowing, intelligent, conscious, great, appreciating
knowing, aware, competent, acquainted, informed, experienced
deft, clever, dexterous, nimble, artful, knowing
имя прилагательное
showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people.
a knowing smile
done in full awareness or consciousness.
a knowing breach of the order by the appellants
имя существительное
the state of being aware or informed.
As you can see the Vedic way of knowing suggests that knowledge is an intrinsic feature of the soul.
be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.
most people know that CFCs can damage the ozone layer
have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with.
he knew and respected Laura
have sexual intercourse with (someone).
The angel tells Mary (a woman who has known no man) that she will bear a son.
Bernice emerged from the dressing room and gave me a knowing look.
The claimant originally pleaded that the bank was guilty of knowing receipt of funds transferred in breach of trust.
Dom and Matt exchanged knowing looks and roguish smiles, and Chris grave an exaggerated groan.
Now he was on the couch, a knowing smile slowly spreading across his face.
By the time students enter colleges or universities, if they do, their ideas and values about thinking and knowing will have been years in the making.
Mrs. Wexler walked out and closed the door, a small, knowing smile on her face.
Jade gave her brother a knowing look and smiled.
One man, however, looked on from his seat in the stand with a knowing smile and a warm sense of satisfaction as he reflected on another job well done.
A team needs a mix of youth and experience, of young legs and knowing minds.
Earlier this year, Liz Hurley was snapped walking out of the store swinging a bulging carrier bag and wearing a knowing smile.