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know-how / ноу-хау, умение, опыт
имя существительное
skill, ability, knack, art, proficiency, know-how
experience, experiment, practice, test, attempt, know-how
имя существительное
practical knowledge or skill; expertise.
technical know-how
BE has the experience, creativity, market know-how , and track record to succeed in this difficult market.
technical know-how
Labour skills and technological know-how are crucially important.
That's why big clubs want big name managers with plenty of experience, gravitas and know-how .
The research reveals a severe lack of basic cookery know-how .
Without the skill and know-how of the wine-growers and wine-makers there would be no great wines.
If you have the technical know-how , you might be able to do better for the price.
Such partners would also be a valuable source of professional know-how .
There had been long-haul adventures to Sri Lanka and South Africa, so Jane was not without travel know-how .
They are a talented team with a varied brand of footballing skill and know-how .