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knotty / узловатый, сложный, запутанный
имя прилагательное
knotted, nodular, knotty, knobby, nodose, nodulose
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, knotty
entangled, tangled, intricate, complicated, knotty, tricky
имя прилагательное
full of knots.
the room was paneled in knotty pine
The center tries to foment debate, providing daily forums for visitors to discuss knotty topics (such as free speech, privacy and the Internet, the day I was there).
Mainstream economists, when faced with this knotty problem, reply that there is nothing wrong with using models with unrealistic assumptions - as long as the models accurately predict events.
But don't think that specialized clinics are the only places prepared to help couples deal with this knotty problem.
On the inside is knotty pine for the walls/ceiling and an oak hardwood floor.
This in turn relates to knotty questions about the legitimacy of intervention and ‘just war’ concepts.
The man was wide across the shoulders, the madras plaid making him look like a senior-division body builder, knotty arms twisting from his sleeves.
There's no shortage of playwrights wrestling with the knotty problems of the modern world.
He spent much time trying to tease out this knotty problem with Laing.
B-I-N will seal porous surfaces, like new wood, and seal off knots and sappy streaks in knotty pine so they won't bleed through and ruin the paint job.
Dotted with extraordinary trees like the baobab with its thick knotty trunk and root-like branches, the park teems with wildlife.