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knoll / холм, холмик, бугор
имя существительное
hill, mound, knoll, rise, mount, height
hillock, knoll, hummock, kopje, tump, knob
hillock, lump, hump, knoll, tuber, knob
звонить в колокол
ring the bell, sound a bell, knoll
имя существительное
a small hill or mound.
This walk follows a circular route around an irregularly shaped tarn, through broadleaf woodland and shady conifers and across grassy knolls nibbled by sheep.
From the bealach we climbed up through some trees to a rocky knoll from where another path eventually zig-zagged its way to the grassy summit.
A couple of hundred feet above us, on a small knoll , stood a deserted fort, a relic from the French occupation.
Some reports said the first plan would have involved removing most of the trees from the picturesque wooded knoll overlooking the harbour.
Leave the road and take a track which runs to the left, leaving it almost immediately to follow a path which runs south round a knoll .
I made an unusually gentle landing for a person of my size in a wild patch of sagebrush on the top of huge knoll .
The lodge is built on a small knoll , overlooking the main waterhole.
With picnic blankets, hampers and candles in safety cups, the visitors began taking up their positions on the grassy knoll .
The 24-metre high mast was to be located on a small tree-topped knoll above the Owenmore River.
Cows and herdsmen alike shun the warm sand of a track bordered with withered sedge, to hide in the shade of an oakwood on a nearby knoll .
Perched on a knoll at 6,400 feet, the hut looks out onto a line of ridges where the subalpine forest climbs to 7,800 feet before giving way to the granite flanks of the Caucasus.