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knocker / придира, дверной молоток, дверное кольцо
имя существительное
knocker, criticaster, carper, caviller, nagger, sea lawyer
дверной молоток
дверное кольцо
имя существительное
a person who continually finds fault.
What do the Bush detractors and the America knockers say now?
a woman's breasts.
Someone started to ring the doorbell while someone else was banging the knocker .
Stepping resolutely forward, the red-head lifted the heavy brass knocker .
Brighton lifted the brass knocker on the door, and let it drop.
He lifted the heavy knocker and knocked again.
She walked up to the door and banged the knocker once.
Such a scenario is meat and drink to the increasing band of media knockers seemingly intent on dismissing Bolton's chances of avoiding the drop.
But the knockers were silenced when Wigan claimed their first piece of silverware in four years, thanks to a 21-12 success over their bitter rivals.
The 10-year-old survived yet another season of calls for his retirement, thwarting his knockers with four victories, which took his career earnings past the £1m mark.
What do the Bush detractors and the America knockers say now?
That is the policy of the knockers and the naggers.