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knock-down / нокдаун, снижение, крепкое пиво
имя существительное
decline, cut, drop, fall, depression, descent
крепкое пиво
mum, knockdown, stingo
имя прилагательное
stunning, snorting, knockdown, slapping, rattling
demountable, collapsible, dismountable, sectional, movable, portable
crushing, smashing, sledgehammer, knockdown, hammering, slashing
имя прилагательное
(of a price) very low.
capable of knocking down or overwhelming someone or something.
repeated knockdown blows
имя существительное
an act of knocking an opponent down.
I took the car off his hands and he gave it to me at a knock-down price.
So, if your Christmas gift list expands as easily as your waistline at this time of year, you need to know where to pick up some spot-on presents at knock-down prices.
The nerve damage so restricted his activity that he was stripped of his International Boxing Organisation's inter-continental championship, a belt he captured with a devastating knock-down of Patrick Gallagher.
He claims the Hollywood legend is trying to drive him out of the luxury townhouse in order to buy the property at a knock-down price.
Earlier this year, TK Maxx opened at Monks Cross, this time selling end-of-season high street stock at knock-down prices.
There are no knock-down arguments and there is legitimate disagreement even amongst like-minded experts.
Back at the store, the bags were sorted and the clothes washed and pressed before being sold at knock-down prices.
Tembo said the tournament was deferred in accordance with the Boxing Board of Control rules which state that after a knock-down , a boxer could only return to the ring after 55 days.
Meanwhile, two teams of would-be Bargain Hunters pick up objets d' art at knock-down prices from their local antique fair and then try to flog them down the auction room.
A haven of genteel entertainment might persuade local residents that there were pleasurable and respectable alternatives to a knock-down drunken blowout every weekend.