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knobbly / шишковатая
имя прилагательное
having lumps that give a misshapen appearance.
knobbly potatoes
I donned the shorts to expose white knobbly knees, put on my peaked cap and shades and rounded off the ensemble with the rucksack.
These small, knobbly skinned avocados from Guatemala are at their best at this time of year.
Depending upon the quality of the wood that the bow was made from, it could be smooth and regular along its length, or quite knobbly where knots had to be accommodated in its design.
The pink, slightly knobbly skin of this species of seahorse has been rather unkindly, but accurately, compared to that of a plucked chicken.
I had the lisping problem, the asthma, braces… I was skinny and gangly with knobbly elbows and knees, and I hadn't grown into my hands or feet yet.
My favourite character was Lars' dad - a small, wizened Danish man who carried a knobbly walking stick and repeatedly stroked his long, white beard.
Glass-topped dining tables may appear to take up less space, but can look ugly when guests are seated (with knobbly knees visible).
Ask a greengrocer to get you a root of fresh horseradish, which looks like a dirty, knobbly parsnip.
Now the knobbly white fungus is for sale in every tourist shop and on menus across the country.
She was very pale and was so thin that her teeny-tiny little dress had nothing to cling to; it just fell directly from her knobbly shoulders to her knobbly knees.