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knitting / вязание, вязанье, трикотаж
имя существительное
knitting, knitwork, netting, network
knitting, crochet
knitwear, knit, hosiery, knitting, stockinet, tricot
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the craft or action of knitting.
Traditional crafts such as knitting and lace-making have a wonderful history in Scotland.
make (a garment, blanket, etc.) by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine.
Members of the cooperative spin and dye wool, knit sweaters, and also make ceramic crafts.
unite or cause to unite.
disparate regions had begun to knit together under the king
tighten (one's brow or eyebrows) in a frown of concentration, disapproval, or anxiety.
Janice frowned and knitted her eyebrows together.
Marjorie is a craftswoman and her knowledge of the history of knitting makes her a popular speaker at craft events.
The greatest benefit is the companionship you'll share when engaged in the process of knitting .
I'm no good at sewing, but I could do some knitting .
I put down my knitting
The Guild has organised craft classes in crochet and knitting to commence in January and they will be open to nonmembers.
I seem to have finally mastered knitting on two circular needles!
Traditional crafts such as knitting and lace-making have a wonderful history in Scotland.
The number of women taking up knitting has doubled in the past few years, spurred not just by the desire to make something snugly for their family, but for others too.
She was gifted with her hands and had a special talent for knitting and embroidery.
If you thought knitting was limited to jumpers and scarves, then think again.